Thursday, December 30, 2004

Snow fun!

We had a blast yesterday up Hemlock mountain with Bav's mom and dad. They are a hoot! I think G has to meet my dad. They would get along famously I'm sure.

It started snowing in the afternoon and we took the kids out sledding. There is a smallish hill near their house suitable for kids. It was also suitable for my kamikaze husband to nearly wind up at the very bottom in the creek. Those plastic saucer things can go really fast and Toni got some pretty good air time over the bump. Today he is moaning about being sore. The kids had a great time until Kyle got too tired and cold. Kyra kept going for ages, and she is totally fearless.

Big thanks to Grampa and Gramma R. from Kyra and Kyle. We are definitely going to come back. You've been warned.......

So fun. Next time we are coming, but only if your hubby promises to do his Clark Griswold sledding impersonation again.
I read Mom and Dad your post. Here is the response;
"Liquid courage and turkey baister (i have no idea how to spell that)....LOL.... and snow is all we need. You and the kids are welcome to come up any time. Your children are great and we did not have to feed them to the killer fairy's".

Yes, the old people are a bit odd!

Thanks for making this week fun. See ya Friday!

Love Andrea
Happy New Year Kelley!
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