Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Little bastards!

I came home after a nice time visiting Bertha to find some punks ripped off a bunch of our Christmas lights! All the low stuff, whatever they could reach.

I should have left them on in hopes that one of them electrocuted themselves.

Oh the joys of being a home owner!

My little brothers use to do things like that! LOL

The dog must have gone crazy in the house!

Sorry for you light loss!

we used to put vasaline on all the lights so that they were too slippery to twist. Mind you that was in Saskatoon with -40 weather and everyone wore mitts when ripping stuff off so that they wouldn't get frozen to the lights and get caught doing it. lol
I hear LB had a little chat with the light ripper offers! LOL

Friends stick together!
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