Saturday, December 04, 2004

Kyle the poo finder

Good grief! My son can find poo that no one else can. In the last few weeks we have cleaned his shoes several times. Kyra was scooping up Angus' offerings in the back yard and naturally Kyle found the one she missed. A few days later he stepped in some at Bertha's place.

This morning we were at the Christmas tree farm with Bertha, Bav and their families. Total number of children - 7. Total acreage - at least 2. The kid who finds the dog doo with his boot - you guessed it! Daddy naturally does not take off the offending boot to put it in the back of the truck with the Christmas tree. Noooo, he lets Kyle wear it all the way home so we get to have the full smell experience!

Oh well, at least we got a nice Christmas tree.

Now I have split a gut! lol

I did not even see the poo! My children where one big mud hole.... but they had a blast.

Thanks for joining us.

And "offerings" not a word I would use for dog shit! lol

Our tree is up... and it has half the lights. But that is it till Sunday.

I am LMFAO!! Thanks for the laugh.
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