Thursday, December 09, 2004

Deeper stuff than usual

Those of you that know me in real life know very well that I am a superficial kinda gal most of the time. However, after a very interesting discussion at Timmy's last night, I am inspired to float my ideas into blog land. Thanks to Bertha and Monique!

We had a chat about religion and politics, often 2 big no-nos, but the 3 of us can disagree and still be civilized and friends after. Hmmm, image that. But then I don't hate people who believe different stuff than I do. So here is the Coles' notes version ( see, I am irreverent even when I am trying to be serious! ):

Politics- all politicians are idiotic pathological liers. I do not differentiate between party or even between country. I don't believe in anarchy though so I guess I am stuck with them. I do not trust any of them to wipe their own butt though.

Religion- I am spiritual I guess. I believe that most religions have some validity but I don't follow any particular one. I never really thought about religion though until I started taking history in school and realized how hypocritical most major religions are. What disgusted me most was war "in the name of God" ( or Allah or whatever ) Excuse #1 - "But those people don't believe in the same God I do! It is okay to take over their country, kill their children and rape their women." Excuse #2 ( even worse in my book ) - "Those people believe in the same God as I do, but they worship him differently." Since I have Irish heritage that one REALLY gets my back up.

Now before you all start flaming away, please scroll back up to the second paragraph. If you follow some kind of organized religion, I do NOT disrepect you for it. I admire people that believe in something. It's just not for me. Too cynical I guess.

I honestly do not think about either of these 2 topics on a regular basis. Way down my priority list when I am just trying to deal with my immediate concerns of children, family, friends, etc. You can blame Tim Horton's coffee and 2 of my friends for my philosophical turn.

Next post, back to my superficial self!

You forget sex. Every good discussion about politics and religion has to include sex. Without it, the other two don't have anything to disagree about. ;)
We talked about sex the last time :)
Glenda, Monique is right. Last Timmy's trip we coverd the sex angle with our other blogging buddy Bav.
Yes SEX topic is always saved for me!!!! LOL

Sex addicts see my blog.... LOL.

I respect you and love you for your superficial ways! I call myself "The Non-deep chick". Whatev you believe I am accepting.... however if it hurts another (and I don't mean in a sexual way) you are not welcome in my air space!!!

Next time we go back to SEX and men! LOL

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