Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cookies with the Grade Ones

I helped 20 Grade Ones in Kyra's class cut out gingerbread people this morning. Mrs. Cochrane had the dough made, we just had to roll it and cut out the cookies.

The kids are so cute! They came down to the kitchen in small groups and helped me warm up the dough balls. Then I rolled it out and they cut out the shapes themselves. I helped lay out the cutters and they pressed them down. It was so cute to see their little earnest faces carefully pressing down through the dough. Of course some of them were more interested in playing with the rolling pin, but I think they all had fun.

I went back to the class when I was done and Mrs. C. had them all chorusing, "Thank you Kyra's mom for helping us!" How adorable is that!

Now not only does Kyle have a fan club.... but now Mommy does too!

Glad you had fun.

That sounds like an amazing way to spend a morning.
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