Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Winter Queen again

I've only done 2 1/2 hours of her rotation but I have to put her away. I have discovered that one of the bead colours in my lilac conversion is too blue. The beads don't actually look bad in her crown. The problem lies when I will have to bead on her bodice near where the DMC 210, 211, etc. is stitched ( my lilac conversion colours ).

I checked Mill Hill's web site and found 5 other potentials. Now that they have changed the web site around it is much easier to see what the colours look like. I emailed Vivienne at Stitches and Stuff to see if she had any of the 5 other beads to try to narrow it down. It may yet be that I have to buy all 5 and see for myself. No great loss if I do since I can always trade away what I don't use.

Kristi was suggesting a trip to the bead store in Abbotsford. That might help me but it would make it tricky for any other stitcher who wants to use my conversion that I posted on the Mirabilia Bulletin Board.

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