Monday, November 01, 2004

Well that was eventful!

Halloween was the usual mad rush but the kids had fun. My dad really got into it too. My folks came to stay overnight last night ( they live in Ladner ) and Dad brought a bunch of fireworks. I think he was more excited than the kids! He hadn't got out trick-or-treating since Kristi and I were kids so he thought it was cool to go out last night with my 2, Kristi's little guy, my hubby, and Kristi's hubby. Mom and I stayed home, drank wine and handed out the candy. After the kids got home LB and her gang came over to watch the fireworks. I think the kids were a little freaked out. Trevor and Greyman weren't too impressed with the noise.

Back to normal today. I am off to the school in 45 minutes to go and help out in Weezer's class. Should be fun!

Ah so it was you people who where m aking all the noise :) LOL
That was fun times- thanks again to your dad. The big one keeps talking about the sparklers- must remember to get a few more of those to have around the house.
Next year I am staying in the house and sending LB out!!

This is year 2 of me freezing with the men.

Hey maybe I will hang with you, since you have wine and chocolate!!!!
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