Monday, November 08, 2004

Weekend doings

Thanks a millions to Laura for doing our Mary Kay foot and hand soakings, etc. It was fun to sit around my living room with my friends with our various appendages soaking in lovely smelling water. Sometimes you just have to do girly stuff!

I have had to keep Kyra home today though. Obviously playing with her buddies yesterday was more tiring than usual. I heard her coughing quite a bit during the night and when she crawled in bed with me this morning after Daddy left she felt a bit warm. Kyra said she didn't even know she was coughing, but I definitely heard her. She seems a bit tired and draggy today. This darn cold is very hard to shake. Just when it seems like she's getting better then she starts up with the coughing again. At least it's a loose cough, and she doesn't go on and on. Poor little thing sounds like she's going to hack up a lung. I guess no gymnastics tonight either. I'll see how she is later.

Poor thing- days like that are best to stay home and cuddle up with mama.

Thank you Laura that was a blast and my left leg is soft and smooth and my right foot is simply lovely. LOL- that was a good time though. Thanks
Tell Kyra, aunti Andrea says to get better!

I had a wonderful time yesterday. So nice to not have a husband or child hanging off me! My hubby said I smelt wonderful... hello, I always smell great! And my feet... oh they were so happy to have some much needed attention. The food was great too.

Thanks for the much needed girly time!

Hey just your local flasher stopping in to say "Do you like my titties"?
:( Hope she is feeling better real soon.
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