Saturday, November 13, 2004

Web page!

So I finally figured out ( with a great deal of help from my husband the computer whisperer ) how to get my new page uploaded. With Dreamweaver it's actually quite easy. I just had to make a folder in "My Network Places" and put in all the info about our web address, password, etc. Now when I add to the page it's a simple click of the "connect" button followed by the "up" arrow button.

And no I am not putting up the link in this blog, since some projects are not for prying eyes to see. You CAN see a photo of
Angel of the Sea at 97 hours. That was from a couple of weeks ago.

Your Angel of the Sea is looking beautiful! How long does it take you to grid? I know some other people who do that for their large projects and I've been tempted, but I do so love to just jump right in! Eventually I'll get a picture up of my Angel of the Sea WIP. She has dark hair, as does the baby. I just love the colors in this one :)
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