Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Update of today

First off - fun city at Monique's this morning for coffee with Lisa, Andrea and my sister Kristi. The kids had a great time and we had a good visit. The book "Why Men Can't Ask For Directions and Why Women Can't Read Maps" was a hoot. So now we all know a thing or two!

HY Louie warehouse grocery store with Kristi was more expensive than I thought. I was intending to buy nothing. $38 later I had tonight's dinner ( which Kristi, Keith and Trevor shared ) some other groceries and a birthday gift for Kyra's classmate Brendan. Not bad. You can get some good deals there if you are careful.

I got my beads for Winter Queen. Thanks a million Vivienne for your comparisons to DMC 210 and 211. I will check tomorrow in better daylight but I think they will work perfectly. I am even planning to swap out the darker shade of other beads and use the new ones. Since they are Frosted Sead Beads ( from Mill Hill naturally ) they look sort of pearly and will look suitably jewel-like for her crown, etc.

Thanks for the education on men and women yesterday.

I am happy you got your goods and that they will work.

Have a great weekend. If you have nothing to do bring the gang up to my parents. They can see Greg build a log home. Brett got to drive a real digger last time we were up there.... ya we never heard the end of it from Brett or Greg! lol

It was great having you all here :).
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