Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stitching snafu

I finished up a 5 hour slot on Angel of the Sea and then put her away and took out Winter Queen. Well the last time I worked on her I must have had my head up my butt. I had made mistakes in 3 areas! A lot of frogging and some restitching later, she is fixed. Now I almost don't feel like working on her. I am paranoid of screwing up again!

WQ looks good though and I am happy so far with my lilac conversion. A huge thanks to Princess Stacey, Taneya, Debi and everyone else on Mirabilia BB who looked at my conversion list and thought it looked good. I am no where near colour-conversion goddess-dom but I think I am confidant enough to do it again if I hate the colour of a design. ( Royal Holiday's gold dress comes to mind.....)

Good job!

Would you like to come and finish my quilt??
Glad you caught it early- I have learned so much about stiching through you- I actually understood everything this time. :) Yay for getting it fixed.
Are you ever going to update your blog? Did you stitch yourself to a chair and can't get up?

Your followers would like to know what you have been up to.
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