Thursday, November 25, 2004


For those don't know me, I am not exactly the keenest shopper in the world. I like to do it as quickly as possible. I went with my sister this morning and got Kyle new winter boots ( Canucks ones! ) and myself 2 pairs of jeans. That must be a record amount for me in one morning. The boots were on sale but the jeans weren't. I went boldly ahead and bought them anyway. Yay me!

Kristi and I went back to the mall ( SevenOaks this time ) and to Reitmans. We both got tops, the idea being to wear said tops to our hubbies' respective Christmas parties. I would really like to get a skirt too, but I might have to dig out my black dress pants if I am unsuccessful.

Okay let's have a size rant! Today's pairs of jeans from Cotton Ginny - one size 16, one size 14. Okay...... I tried on several skirts at Reitmans. Depending on the cut and style, some 16's nearly fell off and some I couldn't get over my hips. Grr.....( Insert Kyle's scowly face here ) One size 14 fit okay and looked all right, but it was a long skirt. Not sure if I really liked it enough. I also did birthday shopping for Toni and Christmas shopping for Kyle at the calendar place.

All in all it was a not bad day of spending money I don't have. That's what VISA is for! ( Hey we did that digicam somehow! )

So the sizes in Canada are as screwy as they are here in the US, huh? I hate that I never know what's going to fit me without trying different sizes on, and often the same size from the same maker won't fit in a similar manner.
Sounds like Canada is much like the U.S. when it comes to sizing clothes. Makes shopping for clothes a nightmare for me.

Glad you had a successful day! And what exactly are Canuck boots? ;)
I feel your pain but have at long last for a solution (for me anyway). Cotton Ginny Stretch Chinos! They fit well and the petites were the first pants in a longgggg time that I didn't have to have shortened.
Yahoooooo for the Canuck boots!!!!! Kyle will be all the rage!

Shopping for pants can be fun or can cause a woman to want to kill herself and the person she loves the most.

Is T still alive?

I am shopping on Saturday! Yahoo Visa..... they like me again.

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