Sunday, November 21, 2004

Grey Cup

We don't normally get together to watch sporting events ( unless it's hockey play-offs ) but since the Lions are in the Grey Cup this year, we are going to my sister's place to hang out, eat too much, and watch football. Go Lions!

The ever-witty sports commentators have taken to calling them "Casey and the Sunshine Band", due to the quarteback's name, Casey Printers.

Last week's game against Saskatchewan was close. I hope this one is too and not a rout. That gets boring really fast.

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone!

( colour scheme in honour of the Lions by the way, even though this really isn't quite silver enough )

Go Lions go- but retch comentators- seriously what the heck are these guys thinking?
Yeah a Buono made a lier out of me by playing Dave Dickensen. Fat lot of good that did!
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