Saturday, November 27, 2004

Gas problems?

Okay now that I have your attention, it's not what you think!

This morning I discovered that we had no hot water. I put the dish washer on earlier so I thought maybe there was just none left. Then I checked the dishwasher and found that the water was only luke warm. Normally if I open it up mid-cycle my glasses fog up from the heat.

Toni had to relight the pilot light in the fire place this morning. I noticed it was out yesterday but forgot to tell him. We had a lot of wind on Thursday night and just assumed that it got blown out. Toni went downstairs to check the hot water tank after I told him about the luke warm dish washer water. Turns out the pilot was out on the hot water tank too. It must have happened in the wee hours of Friday morning or late Thursday night. As we compared notes from yesterday, that was conclusion we came too.

So I called Teresen to see if there was a service disruption. There are townhouses being built about a kilometre away so it was possible. No dice on that angle though. So now I am waiting for a guy to come and check our meter to see if the pressure is okay. Toni is off running errands with the kids. So far both pilots are still on.

Be happy you don't live somewhere that is really really really cold. Mind you I hope all turns out and you have some really good GAS :). YOUR UMBRELLA is still here by the way :).

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