Monday, November 22, 2004


Kyra has had one on and off since Friday. I kept her home today to take to the doctor, just in case. She has a headache too, but only on her forehead. She's stuffed up so I am kind of thinking sinuses or something.

We got some children's Advil and that works to take her headache away and bring the fever down to just warmish. I really need a new battery for my digital thermometer....

Hi Kelley! There are all kinds of little bugs going around. I have been fighting some sinus/ear thing for about a week now.

I hope Kyra is feeling much better soon!
Kyra and I should just hang out in bed together and see a little tv!

My cold is kicking my butt! Going on 2 weeks, yuck.

Give Kyra hugs from me.

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