Monday, October 18, 2004

Very important scrapbooking.

Well only so I can go ahead with original Plan A at Croptoberfest this Friday. I was all set to work on March '93. With this particular album I started at the back and I am working in reverse chronological order. I had organized my photos of the early '90s ages ago. Today I discovered Toni's photos of the early '90s. I was actually looking for the bag of mittens and stuff but it was lucky I stumbled across the pictures. There are photos of his of 4 separate events over the spring and summer of '93 that I already scrapped and have in the album. Fortunately I can easily insert an extra page or 2 for the rest of the photos. Tonight I did one more page side of the Abbotsford Airshow.

I will pretend to be the Clarica agent now - we got married in '95 so up until then there were no "our" photos because there was no "our" camera, just mine and his. Sometimes we took pictures of the same event we were both at. By '94 when we got engaged there started to be more "our" photos happening.

Did you ever find those bags O mits?????
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