Sunday, October 24, 2004

Van Halen

The concert totally rocked! I think I am still deaf but it was great. Sammy seems to have gotten over his hatred of the old DLR songs because he managed to sing a few of them. They started off with "Jump" actually. At one point just Sammy was on stage and he did "Eagles Fly" ( or is it "Where Eagles Fly"? I always forget. ) and "55" of course.

Eddie did a fanastic 25 minute guitar solo. The guy is amazing! He must have to get cortisone shots in his fingers once in a while. Alex did a 5 minute drum solo that left him dripping with sweat. Quite an aerobic workout I guess. I kind of have a thing for drummers. If I was a groupie I would probably want to do the drummer.

The encore songs were: "You Really Got Me", "Panama", and "When It's Love".

Meredith you would have loved it!

Glad you had fun you lucky dog you. You guys totally deserve a wicked night out like that.
Okay I am totally jealous. I have always had a thing for Eddie :) Yummmmmm :)

I am glad you had a great time.
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