Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This weather pixie thing.

I like my pixie but I am confused by her clothing. It does not seem to match the temperature. My friend Bav has a pixie that likes to wear even skimpier clothing than mine does. She must really be freezing!

I am typing this at 10:32 am. I just looked at my blog and the pixie's weather update is from 9:00 Pacific Daylight Time. She is wearing a long sleeve ( could possibly be 3/4 length actually ) shirt and jeans. The weather info says partly sunny, 11C and wind of 3 knots. I don't know what knots are as compared to km/h but it was pretty damn cold in my face on the way to take Kyra to school today. And at 8:00 this morning I was not running around in jeans and a shirt. I had a swearshirt on, my raincoat and leather gloves.

At night my pixie never seems to wear a jacket either.

You know her and her cat are both gonna get pnumonia. Silly Pixie. Maybe she has a good solid layer of whale blubber lining her jeans and shirt- yeah that's probably it.
Maybe your pixie needs a good firm talking to. :)...
Okay now the weather report is from 8 pm and she is still only wearing that damn red shirt! Get that pixie a jacket!
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