Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hips, or "It's a bugger getting old".

This morning I had to get up and have an ibuprofen. After yesterday's gorgeous sun and high of 22C, today is rather cloudy. No kidding! My right hip knew that before I even looked out the window this morning. I had trouble sleeping last night. The joint felt as if it was getting stuck. If I lay on my back it feels as if my hip is going to dislocate downwards, ie. the bone falls out of the socket and drops on the bed.

I know, I should go to the doctor. I am afraid of being told I have arthritis. Almost every woman in my family has it so my odds aren't terrific. My Dad has bursitis in his hip and has to get a cortisone shot. My hip has been buggin me off and on for months and it makes aweful clicking noises. Having Dad tell me about his hip has got me thinking about mine.....

I hear those shots hurt! I hope you will be ok. But you really should go check this out. Really, it would be really funny to take you to the hospital in some crazy sex position... can I take you when that happens and pretend to be your partner????? We could have so much fun freaking out the doctors!!!

Love BAV
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