Monday, October 11, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Turkey Day! Hope everyone has a good one. Last night we demolished most of a yummy bird at my folks' place. It seems that Kyle REALLY likes cranberry sauce. He had thirds.

On the way home we noticed that the Abbotsford Highway Patrol was on the war path. The Abby detachment is usually pretty good, but last night was exceptional. Traffic was reasonably heavy through Aldergrove/Clearbrook. At one point some guy from Alberta goes zooming past us. What's the rush buddy? You aren't gonna make the border by midnight anyway, so what's the hurry? A few minutes later a ghost car pulls out up ahead and nails someone. Toni says "I hope that was Alberta". It wasn't though. A few minutes later ANOTHER ghost car gets someone else ( wow, 2 cops on the same stretch of Hwy 1 within 2kms of one another! ) and this time it was Alberta. That was our giggle of the night.

Toni went fishing again this morning and came home with a spring. He's hacking it up right now. According to him "4 million people were at the river". Gee, pretty good of him to catch a fish with that many lines in the water!

Wish I'd seen the moron get pulled over- yay Abby patrol (hmm never thought I'd hear myself say that)
Four million people huh- bet DFO loved that - lol
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