Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Fish again

Well Toni was at it again, this time in the pouring rain. Silly man! ( This is fun how exactly? )
He did come away with another chum salmon. A 10-pounder this time.

If he gets a cold I don't want to hear about it. He puts dry clothes on and then complains that his bum is cold. Naturally I am expected to warm it up! At the time of the complaint he is wearing a sweatshirt and SHORTS!

Another topic - Later on this evening he tells me that scientists have found out that pregnancy robs a woman's brain of a certain chemical that helps in memory retention. My answer, "I don't need science to tell me that!" I have 2 children and most days I am lucky to remember my own name.

I do not understand any sport that makes you freeze your ass off?

As for the a billion dollars being spent to tell us we can't remember shit.... HELLO, they could have just asked any woman with a child!
What a waste of billions of dollars that could better be spent researching why men are genetically predispositioned to leave a puddle of water around the sink after brushing their teeth without even a thought of wiping it up.

I mean figure that one out and then you are cracking some mysterious code of the ages, but women who have had babies losing their brains- I mean come on old news. LOL
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