Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Financial curiousity

So I had a thought this morning. Without going into specifics, we have overdraft on our checking account. I went through my records to see approximately how much of "the bank's money" we have used so far this year to date. A rough estimate is over $3000 ( let's leave it at that shall we! ). We get charged interest every time we use it and an overdraft fee if I do a calculation boo-boo and we go a bit over the limit.

So far it has cost us $26.18 to use that much of the banks money. Not bad!

Okay so I am weird about financial stuff, but I had one of those "I wonder...." moments this morning and decided to satisfy my curiousity. So we live in red ink a lot. It's easier to add in the cheque book than to subtract!

Red is such a nice color!

$26 bucks... not bad! I add mine up ever Jan... for tax reasons and I can't believe how much less that is from my visa.

Please thank hubby for giving me back my freedom... enjoy the beer!

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