Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Computer fax morons

Okay some idiot had their computer set to fax me this morning. There are 2 things wrong with that scenario though, the first being that we don't have a fax machine. The second of all was THAT IT WAS QUARTER TO FIVE IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

A phone ringing at 4:45 am does not inspire light-hearted thoughts. It's more like "What the fuck?" as you wake up, followed by "Oh great, who died?". Then to answer said phone and hear fax static, well that is guaranteed to put me a good mood. The stupid phone rang 3 more times and I got 3 messages of fax static. I finally unplugged it.

You would think after 4 times someone would figure out, "Hey the fax isn't going through!"

Those of you in Eastern Time trying to send a fax at 7:45 in the morning DOUBLE CHECK THE PHONE NUMBER FIRST DIPSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say we start faxing them our asses!

I would be more than happy to undress my ass to adress thier issues!
LMFAO- shit can't speak to busy spitting water on the screen.
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