Thursday, September 30, 2004


Well since this blog is called "Wonderings", let's have some:

Wondering what to be for friend LH's Halloween party. I know I have time, but days sneak up on me with alarming regularity.

Wondering if Weezer is really as okay at school as teacher says she is and how she seems to be. Probably, she is since she is a great kid and smart. It's Kaiser I will have to worry about....

Wondering if I am crazy or just doing menopause early. Am I shallow and oblivious or obsessed and paranoid? Maybe that's a Pisces thing?

Wondering exactly how I want to do the scrapbook page of Weezer and Cay playing in leaves. How many leaf punch outs ( thanks sis ) are too many?

Wondering if the moms at Weezer's school think I am odd. Honestly just a wondering here, I am merely curious, not worried! People who know me well say I am odd. Kind of a complement.

LH's party... how about nude... you could be "THE WONDERING WACKO".

We could always spy on the Weezer while she is in class.

Kaiser... he will do just fine.

Menopause... I am calling you "The Wondering Wacko"!

Scrapbook ask Cay's mommy.

You are odd... odd is good. It keeps people on thier toes.

Love ya
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