Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ugh, sick.

So much for escaping the cold that's going around. The kids are a bit sniffly too. I seem to have it full throttle, including a "fry an egg on my face" fever that hits around 4 pm. If the battery in my thermometer wasn't dead I wouldn't have to guess my temperature, but I'm thinking around 101 F at least.

Good thing all of Kyra's birthday activities are done. She has a party to go to on Saturday though. I am supposed to be doing the CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday morning. Hopefully I won't have to hack and cough my way around the 5 km course.

I hope you are better soon!

Take a day off and take care of yourself... oh wait your a mommy that does not happen in your world or mine!

Drug, Drugs and lots of them.
I can hook you up with this wonder drug. They call this little miracle in pill form- Advil cold and sinus. Bless those little people at advil- thank you little advil scientists- I can semi function. Call me- forget it I'll call you and hook you up.
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