Sunday, September 19, 2004

Terry Fox Run

So my friend and I did the 6 km route this morning. Fortunately the weather co-operated beautifully. We had fun walking along, ogling her hunky neighbour and his dog, and dissing our MP who was in the run. He seems pretty fit, maybe he runs around Ottawa when parliament is in session.

Next year we must remember to bring the dogs. I was worried about there being too many people but it wasn't too bad. Angus would love it I think.

I must hand in my donations next week. Dad is going to give me some cash on Sunday and then I will go turn it in.

My apologies for a somewhat vague post. The pain in my knees is affecting my brain.....

Good job! As for the MP ... you should have yelled "Hey don't slap my ass"!

Love bavthree
That was fun- thanks for the hot tub and bottles of pain killer (liquid form of course). We should definately do that again next year. As for the MP- I respect the man for totally lapping us however regret missing the opportunity to openly dis him to his face or at the very least "sneeze" something rude in his general direction. Oh well there is always next year. :)
You know who
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