Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Guess what I did yesterday morning? Slipped at the top of my stairs and proceeded to bump down several of them, mostly on my right butt cheek. I felt mostly fine yesterday. This morning it felt like Toni had backed over me with the truck.

As I was bumping my way down I grabbed the railing to stop myself. So of course my whole right side got jarred and hurts like hell today. Fortunately to type I mostly just move my hand.

I suppose since I have a flight of 13 or 14 stairs and this is "grace of a water buffalo" me we are talking about, it was only a matter of time before I fell. I did think that the first time would be because the dog knocked me down. Guess I was wrong!

Dear Grace of Water Buffalo;

We just do not bounce like we use to... however I am sure you have not hit the... I have falled and can't get up stage of the game. Think of how bad that will be! You would have been at the end of the stairs, no phone, no dog, no kids, and no husband (I put it in loyalty order) then what! See things could always be worse!
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