Friday, September 03, 2004

Happy Labour Day Weekend!

I didn't get SOM on the q-snaps until today. Then I whipped off an hour of the top right corner ( 25,00 shades of grey ).

This week I spent with my current scrapbook instead. I managed to finish up until the end of Sept. 2001. Now it's put away while I save up some $$. I always seem to run out of everything at the same time and now I need a bunch of stickers and paper.

Toni brought me a copy of Macromedia's "Dreamweaver" book from his office. I will be messing around with my stitching page in the near future. He also said that we could put our pages on the office server since they have a ton of room. I also am taking over the running of the office web site as Toni doesn't have time any more. If anyone has used Dreamweaver before and has tips for me I would greatly appreciate it. I have previously used Front Page.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

SOM q-snaps- Okay no one told me that this blog was bilingual. I so don't speak stitchenese- quilterese or scrapbookenese I can handle but I am going to need lessons to speak stitchenese. :)
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