Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday update

Well, we didn't actually go to the local airshow. The ground would have been rather mucky. We sat on the side of the road next to a farmer's field and watched from the back of the truck. The kids stayed dry and we got a really good view.

This morning we walked to over to Kyra's school to see how far it is. It took 13 mintues at a rather ambling pace. We just moved into this house on June 30th so we don't know any of this stuff yet! Watson Elementary is closer to our house than Little Mountain Elem. was to our old house. She starts Grade 1 next Tuesday the 7th.

I have a gazillion chores to do today, but I hope to get Stroke of Midnight on the q-snaps at some point. I may go over to my friend Lisa's and do some cropping tonight. I am working on the summer of 2001 right now. She is sorting out photos to do her son's baby book.


Scary thing a combination of blogs and Chilliwack.
I missed Flightfest, ended up indoors :( but the fireworks on Saturday were awesome.
Did you see us drive right by you? We didn't realize it was you guys until we passed. Still lokking for the van. You must have had a great view from your spot on Prest.
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