Thursday, August 26, 2004

Here I am!

Okay I have finally succumbed to blog-land. Now that I have done this I probably won't even post every day, but you never know!

What's up stitching-wise? Well, just finished hour 90 on Angel of the Sea. New pic will appear on my stitching page whenver sis comes over next with her digicam. Next up, Stroke of Midnight.

Weekend plans - Mueller family dinner on Friday night at "Elizabeth's Chalet" in Cloverdale. The dinner is in honour of Toni's Sis and BIL's 25th anniversary. Hmmm, prime rib maybe?

Saturday we help friends move. Sunday is Flight Fest at Chilliwack Municipal Airport ( )

I'd love to see your progress on Angel of the Sea. She's so pretty! I'm slowly stitching her for a friend of mine but I changed the hair to a very dark brown/black. She wants it to look like her mom (who died many years ago) as an angel watching over my friend's baby :-)

Nice to see you've joined the ranks of stitching bloggers!
Muahahahahahahahahhaha welcome to bloggerland. :) BTW remind me to teach you how to rename your links in HTML so they look all cool and less like a website addy. So glad you have a blog. Expect me to harass you regularly. :P
You know who I am!
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